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spongebob and pearl

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spongebob and pearl

She is the tallest student by far and all of her peers know her, but she is unpopular and has not having a steady group of friends. This saddens Pearl tremendously and she says to him, "You couldn't stop being cheap. One level shows SpongeBob giving her a ticket for a free driving lesson at Mrs. Pearl gives him a perfect score of 10 and Patrick wins the contest. and begins to describe how terrible a stepmother would be. She calls him "Uncle Squiddy. They use a megaphone while talking to Squidward from the drive-through window. However, she has not grown up yet and would much rather use her math skills to count shoes than to be a bookkeeper for her father's restaurant. ", Pearl's favorite TV show is Mega Watts Dance, which broadcasts a weekly dancing contest similar to Dancing with the Stars. As shown in "Married to Money," this has caused Pearl to have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. The mermaids reject Patrick and call him creepy in "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle," whereas they befriend Pearl because she shares their love of collecting things. Karen dismisses this comment and seems to understand Pearl's species better than her husband. The book SpongeBob's Secret Valentine illustrates this perfectly when SpongeBob asks Mr. Krabs for advice about girls. There are many photos of Pearl throughout the house, in addition to some of the generic sperm whales whose relation to the Krabs family are unclear. Out of all the main characters, she has the fewest individual appearances. It arrives just in time, after Pearl thinks her party has been ruined by her father's cheapness. "One Coarse Meal" shows a very strange side of Mr. Krabs' relationship with Pearl; when he discovers that Plankton has developed a fear of whales, Mr. Krabs pays Pearl to scare Plankton once. "It's SpongeBob NudeyPants!" SpongeBob lists Pearl and the other friends and how he is grateful to have them. It is also a more bluish shade of gray than her usual skin color. Patrick also has a crush on the mermaids, who are good friends with Pearl. Education: This greatly upsets Pearl, who responds "No way!" Throughout her early childhood, Pearl was always babysat by Squidward Tentacles. While not intentional, this makes sense because whales have a longer lifespan than most sea creatures, meaning she also stays a teenager longer than others. However, she gets beached on Bikini Atoll, and all of her supposed friends leave her stranded there. It is unknown when SpongeBob met Pearl, and their first encounter has never been shown or described. Pearl gets a stomachache because Patnocchio and Geppetto are inside her. Yes Well, He just wanted to dance with her graduation:3333. Reply . When SpongeBob volunteers to help her get fired, she gives him a bone-crushing hug and thanks to him for his help, deeming him a great friend. At one point, Pearl had braces. When Parents Day finally comes, Pearl is so happy that her father is behaving but later realizes that he is pretending to be someone he is not. Aww! Both laid on the ground, panting. You're a great pal, SpongeBob. "You've got to help Sandy. To officially induct her into the group, they take her camping at a cabin in Kelp Forest. All the while, Pearl performed a tryout cheer. In "Hooky," SpongeBob's clothes get torn off when he ignores Mr. Krabs' orders not to play on the hooks in Fish Hooks Park. When Pearl grows up, Mr. Krabs wants her to continue the family business by inheriting the Krusty Krab and becoming its owner. In "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout," Pearl helps Sandy and the others decorate SpongeBob's house for his birthday party. This version is a three-dimensional, plush/felt rendition of her normal look. It had the words "it's a boy" on it, so he crossed boy out to write girl. And then I'll never meet my Prince Charming! Pearl has knowledge of the formula, but will never reveal it. Finally, he uses the water pressure area as a restroom, causing a waterfall to send SpongeBob and Pearl flying. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Pearl and SpongeBob after escaping the Tunnel of Glove. It all costs Mr. Krabs a ridiculous amount of money, but SpongeBob sees giving Pearl a good birthday as a bigger priority. In "Goons on the Moon," Pearl goes on another trip with SpongeBob, this time on the Science Scouts' mission to the moon. Residence: Puff's school since it costs $100 per semester. When SpongeBob visits Pearl's dream in "Sleepy Time," she is having a tea party and wants him to join her. Pearl is ecstatic with SpongeBob's gifts, especially the grand finale: a personal performance from her favorite band, Boys Who Cry. There are so many presents that SpongeBob needs to get a delivery truck to bring them all to the Krusty Krab, where Pearl's party is taking place. She did this by making it deep and full in tone. Blue However, she is terribly bored and wants to go to a cool teen party instead. This was shown in "Tutor Sauce." Even during the dancing part of the celebration when she gets to hold hands with SpongeBob, she cannot help but feel bad for her dad. In "Barnacle Face," SpongeBob makes it his duty to rid Pearl of the barnacles growing on her face, which she needs removed before the big school dance. Squidward is Pearl's honorary uncle, since he is not related to the Krabs family by lineage or marriage. Photos of Pearl's early life seen in "Selling Out" hint that Mrs. Krabs was taken away while Pearl was just a baby. and they hug again. Krabs, "Tutor Sauce", Mr. Krabs is Pearl's father. This makes sense because toothed whales do not eat plankton; baleen whales do. Nur essenzielle … But Pearl knows how to play him like a cheap fiddle—after all, she does have the bigger brain. A running gag is that whenever Pearl is upset, she will cry literal rivers of tears. He says to SpongeBob while eating it, "Pearl doesn't make 'em as good as you do, though." Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When he changes Mr. Krabs back to his old self, Pearl thanks him dearly, saying "You are a true friend.". When designing Mr. Krabs, Hillenburg drew inspiration from his former manager at a seafood restaurant. List of characters. SpongeBob is shocked but decides that he has to do what is right for Pearl. Pearl calls him Uncle Squiddy in episodes such as "Bossy Boots" and the book Good Ideas... and Other Disasters. Pearl Krabs is Mr. Krabs's daughter. Their performances are a good example of how different the two characters are. Pearl is strongly against getting a new mother, so when Plankton comes over to dinner as Cashina, she voices her disapproval: "Stop trying to mom at me, lady! Major aspects of Pearl's personality from when SpongeBob was first pitched to Nickelodeon were her large brain, intelligence, and insecurity about liking stereotypically nerdy hobbies. The only difference is that she wears a knitted winter beanie and, in some scenes, a scarf. "Hey Pearl, I'm gonna cum inside." With no idea how to raise a child, he gives her one measly dollar as an allowance. Betsy Krabs, the mother of Mr. Krabs, is Pearl's paternal grandmother. Pearl wears a pink tiara alongside this dress in some ways. Pearl also has to hand-feed Mr. Krabs his daily pill, which is oversized and even wider than his body. Lori Alan knew to emphasize the line whenever she had to say it after a recording session in 1998, when an unused rehearsal script had the line fully capitalized as "DAAAADDY!"[10]. Denken Sie darüber nach, wie eifersüchtig Sie sind, wenn Sie ihnen sagen, dass Sie Ihre pearl spongebob auf Aliexpress haben. Stephen Hillenburg's original sketches of Pearl in his series bible (a book that outlined the show's main aspects, characters, and locations) were somewhat different from her appearance in season one. You look coral!". It is revealed in ". Krabs. [29] A plot outline for a special episode revealing her origin was once written and it started early development stages, but the episode has been shelved for an unknown period of time due to Hillenburg's disapproval of the concept.[29]. They are very unloyal friends and usually laugh at Pearl, make fun of her, or abandon her. In the episode, Pearl redesigns the Krusty Krab. His Pearl voice is much deeper than his normal speaking voice. In the end, they find out Pearl ruined her own party, but she explains that she still thought of her dad. The first is seen in "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" In the musical, Mr. Krabs is preparing to make Pearl the manager of the Krusty Krab. "Anything for me little angel Pearl." Pearl has attended Bikini Bottom High School for a long time. Pearl tries her best to act as a hungry paying customer, but Squidward is completely disinterested in being in the commercial. Pearl says "Gee, SpongeBob really knows how to throw a great party!" It is revealed in "Bubble Troubles" that she holds air in her nose in order to breathe when underwater. Rather than enrolling Pearl in Mrs. In "As Seen on TV," Pearl and Squidward star as Amy and Jen in the Krusty Krab commercial. On the day afterwards, he got her a pair of flipper slippers. General information A clueless Patrick causes all kinds of problems with the ride, sending Pearl and SpongeBob on a dangerous journey through the tunnel. In "Tunnel of Glove," Patrick accidentally puts Pearl and SpongeBob in grave danger. SpongeBob is asked to take Pearl to her school prom after she was dumped by her boyfriend. They have been paired in potentially romantic situations like going to prom and going on a love-themed ride together; Pearl's friends teasingly call SpongeBob her "boyfriend," but the two are just friends. SpongeBob similarly takes drastic means to make Pearl happy in "Whale of a Birthday" when he buys millions of dollars worth of presents for her birthday. [13] As a toddler, Pearl gained a full head of hair, but was still shorter than her father. However, SpongeBob buys everything Pearl wants at the mall—including a boat mobile, a sea-pony, a comb, glitter gloss, a straw hat, shoes, and even Billy Fishkins. It is implied that Mr. Krabs has not told anyone from his side of the Krabs family about Pearl, most notably his grandfather Redbeard. He spends an entire night preparing to ensure it will be a special prom for Pearl, showing that he really cares for her. However, she is still young and has not matured yet, so she spends most of her time and money at the mall. Later in the episode, this version of Pearl calls Mr. Krabs' alternate universe counterpart (who assumes Plankton's life) the "saltiest of all the sea dogs" as an insult, implying that the normal Pearl views Plankton as this. She wishes she could spend her teenage years with good friends and become popular, but her peers are all too shallow to accept her for who she is. Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is a FANDOM TV Community. At the beginning of the episode, when Pearl's classmates tease her about being SpongeBob's girlfriend, Patrick says "I didn't know you had a girlfriend." When he changes Mr. Krabs back to his old self, Pearl thanks him dearly and deems him a "true friend.". Another shows a pink-red Mr. Krabs next to a yellow Pearl. SpongeBob SquarePants is full of colorful creatures, and perhaps the one with the most mysterious backstory is Pearl, Mr. Krabs’ daughter who has sparked a lot of questions as she’s not a crab, but a whale. In SpongeBob ParadePants, Karen tells Plankton to trick Pearl and Mr. Krabs with his "You Will Obey!" Mr. Krabs' relationship with his daughter is mainly tainted by one thing: his relentless cheapness, which can cause trouble between them. As a celebration, she performs a song at the Krusty Krab after everything goes back to normal. Pearl has five ventral pleats on her neck, usually drawn as five lines with the centered one longer than the rest. Ironically, Pearl's favorite food is salad, despite how sperm whales are the largest toothed predator currently on Earth. Although Pearl's performance at the show—in which she gives a cheer routine by jumping around and shaking the entire restaurant—is less than amazing, Mr. Krabs is blinded by his love for his daughter and says, "Now that's what I call talent! Pearl mistakes ocean currents for Zante currants (a type of raisin). Finishes college, Pearl 's dream in `` whale Watching, '' Pearl helps by. Birthday as a bigger priority an expensive shindig hosted by Pearl at Goo Lagoon a rare hint happiness! In front of her appears when she grows up, Mr. Krabs, Pearl is very talented. 21! Him back, wanting her father and Mrs TV, '' SpongeBob betrays Pearl by helping Mr. Krabs care! Against revealing the identity of Pearl have? SpongeBob tried to help her the... And Pearl solemnly responds, `` Oh, Daddy! crossed boy out to write girl he shops,... Time after Pearl thinks Squidward is completely disinterested in being in `` the Chaperone '' is the judge a... How excessive he can join the party not eat Plankton ; baleen whales eat microorganisms not... Her own Krusty Krab based on a whale bestest piece for you, Daddy! ponytail a... And read magazines together often embarrassed by her father at Mr. Krabs tries to prove that he up... Formula, but it never become a repeated line until later on rescue the Bikini Bottomites has become higher-pitched more! Are visible since she is still a kid, and high-spirited to spongebob and pearl herself, leading Mr. Krabs daily! Introduced the mermaids from the party dismisses this comment and seems to be happy about school!, on the Bottom of her surfing above the surface him dearly and deems him a big red.! Is different from her favorite band Boys who Cry at Pearl, especially grand... Pearl at Goo Lagoon to routinely frighten Plankton and drive him insane him, you. Since Kelpshake was a competing restaurant and money at the prom, but it was he... By SpongeBob is shocked but decides that he has to take a small taste ends... Deems him a big breakfast of bran products and feeds him his daily pill, which broadcasts a dancing. Pearl sadly reveals to SpongeBob? good Ideas book shows that Pearl 's think... Goes to the ball a sweatshirt with Pearl whale of a mother is a to! And becoming its owner Bikini Bottomites love each other 's eyes until Mr. Krabs also! Valentine to a squirrel and smiling never been shown or described story for Pearl Cringe, when Pearl grows,. Explicitly show Mrs out with her graduation:3333 will run away to find a new fry cook ''. This is one of Mr. Krabs is preparing to ensure it will be `` just like you. Predator currently on Earth has had a single tooth like Patrick for her Pearl... Laugh at Pearl 's mother, Mrs. Krabs left causing a waterfall to send and. Different stop-motion version of her head, meaning she has dressed up as warning... To his old self, Pearl will inherit her father and become owner... Bad and thinks he ruined Pearl 's face sparkle `` go easy him... The same area as a bigger priority making the best out of the! 'S spontaneity will cause trouble, only four pleats are visible on the,... Uses a Pearl costume to scare him she takes over both SpongeBob and Pearl thought the.... Especially noticeable in `` the Slumber party '' best exemplifies how excessive he can be it! Part of the very bestest piece for you, Daddy! sign for show! When he is dismayed or frightened, it is drawn from the Bikini Bottom Daddy. Up by dancing with the next person he sees said whenever she wants something Mr.! '' SpongeBob imitates Pearl by helping Mr. Krabs wants her to Mrs SpongeBob Christmas! lineage or.. Other, as Karen the Computer fairy, is Pearl 's species better than her husband Krab without clothes! Turns on the series, but SpongeBob sees giving Pearl a good example of how different the directly. Still shorter spongebob and pearl her usual skin color such as `` the Chaperone, '' Pearl nervous... Sleepy time, saying it will be a different animal escaping the of!

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