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Launching DLPSLA 3D Printer in mumbai by kkrobotic

Introducing lestest technology of uv led dlp 3d printer in india

DLPSLA 3D Printer in Mumbai by kkrobotic for rapid prototyping for engineering products and gold jewellery designing in India

Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printer

DLP 3D Printing is a form of additive manufacturing technology used for creating models, prototypes, patterns, and production parts in a layer by layer fashion using photopolymerization, a process by which light causes chains of molecules to link together, forming polymers.

We find that some object are very small size and also complex and is impossible to print in FDM Machine due to technology limitation. In this case DLP 3D Printer is useful.

Some of the picture we print in our upcoming DLP Printer :

dlp 3d printer



Bulid size :  180 L x 200 W x 230 H mm

Z axis location accuracy : 0.02mm to 0.1 mm

print speed 25mm/h,when layer thickness is 0.1mm,

support file STL,OBJ