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kkrobotic sale uv sla dlp 3D printer resin. sla dlp resin absorbs 405 nm to 460 nm. We provide low cost high quality SLA UV Resin used in all DLP 3D printer. Shop for 3D Printer Resins for SLA/DLP at kkrobotic in inda and usa. we serve general purpose resin, hard resin, firm resin, tough resin, and direct castable uv resin.

Tough Resins

Typically photopolymer resins used for 3D printing on desktop machines are somewhat fragile, leaving those delicate details susceptible to snapping and cracking. For this reason, the technology has been used more frequently for aesthetic purposes, such as artistic models and visual prototypes. To address these issues, numerous companies have begun producing tougher and more durable resins.

Castable Resins

Casting has long been a process supported by photopolymerization technologies, with industrial manufacturers often marketing SLA and DLP machines to the dental and jewelry markets for the ability to fabricate parts that can be cast as metal. Naturally, producers of resins for desktop machines began with low-cost casting resins. In addition to some of the aforementioned firms, there are several makers of castable materials, including other printer manufacturers like kkrobotic and resin producers like digifabb

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