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Vat resin container dlp 3D printer, Dlp SLA Uv 3D Printer ResinLeading Manufacturer of DLP 3D Printer Vat Tray, Micro Protojet Dlp 3D Printer Cad Cam Jewellery and UV SLA DLP SLA 3D Printer Resin from india.
Vat resin cotainer dlp 3D printer
our vats are specifically developed to avoid the clouding ( the big white stains on vat which do not wash away) to increase the life of vat. You do not have to change the vat as frequently as you do it now. Some of the key features of vat are
• Minimal Clouding
• Special non stick coating
Life of tray PDMS coating depends mainly on: How long you print without breathing floor. How reactive is your resin.

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